Weathertech Electromechanical Contracting L.L.C deals with the whole specturm of the Electromechanical Project, this includes installation commissiong and maintenance of HVAC, Electrical , Mechanical and Piping



Project Manager will do the following:

Initial the documents in the appropriate box in the stamp print. Define whether response is required or not. Assign the appropriate persons for action. Specify the number of copies. Place in his out tray. The original will be filed and copies will be made according to the relevant people. Appropriate documents are available at location. Whereas operations essential to the effective functioning of the quality system documentation.
All incoming documents will be stamped and registered in the incoming daily register and will be assigned a unique number and will be placed In the Project Manager tray.

Drawing Control:
Master file for original drawing.Master file for revised drawing.

Any amendments are to be represented in the drawing register by the project
Controls and update copies issued to all existing recipients by the project manager. The project manager will ensure all superseded copies are stamped Superceded. To prevent continued use, and place in the superceded drawing file.
The project manager shall ensure that all documents pertaining to the execution of the project, including documents supplied or supplied by the client are issued to the appropriate personnel and or work site.

As Built Drawing:
The project manager will review the as built drawings after incorporating any modifications on site and proceed with the following action. Circulate the drawings within the team as necessary.
Issue the As Built drawings to the consultant for reference by stamping the drawing as Built, file one copy in the AS Built Drawing file.